Housing for life

Housing for Life Guidelines

Here is another set of guidelines for housing to add to your collection.

Download: Housing for Life

This one is by Master Builders Association ACT. Although Housing for Life is more than ten years old the principles still hold because it is good design. Apart from the usual attention to access and circulation spaces, it includes thermal comfort, security, lighting, operating controls and maintenance. Lots of diagrams and drawings help with explanations – it is a builder/designer perspective. There is also a handy metric conversion chart for people still using imperial measures. The guide was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Other handbooks include:

Go to the Housing Design Guidelines section on this website for more about kitchens, bathrooms, lighting and other aspects of home design.  

Note: this document is not readily available. I have posted a copy I found in my files. It is available through the National Library of Australia (Trove) if you want hard copy. Or you can try the MBA ACT.  The references to the Adaptable Housing Standard are less relevant now – see more recent guidelines.

Article by Jane Bringolf

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